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D2 - A2 - O1 4140HT Plate

Maintenance Metals & Alloys Inc. only stocks ground plates with a tolerance of +0.040" and - 0.000". In stock plates have a maximum width of 24"

D2, Containing between 10-18% chromium, has high wear resistance, with good hardness and low disortion making it a good choice for long tooling life. D2 has a Rockwell hardness of apporximatley 60c-62c. Identifaction Colour - Grey

A2 is a common gerneral purpose tool steel, it is air-hardened and has good machinability as compared to other tool steels with a good balance of wear resistance and toughness. A2 has a Rockwellhardness of approximately 59c-62c. Identification Colour - Orange

4140HT (heat treated or pre-hardened) is a chromium/molybdenum steel with a higher surface hardness and a lower center hardness, which has been heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 28c-32c. It is considered to be a medium carbon steel and therefore not a true Tool Steel, but instead is an Alloy that is commonly used in conjunction with tool steels as structural components. Identification Colour - Deep Blue.     

O1 is a general purpose oil-hardening tool and die steel, having good abrasion resistance and sufficient toughness for a wide variety of tool and die applications. O1 has a Rockwell hardness of approximately 62c-64c. Identification Colour - Pink

Other Tool Steel Plates avaialbe on request: 4140 Annealed, P20, S7, H13, M2, Plus other oil, water and air hardened grades

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