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Mechanical Tubing is a carbon steel type that has been produced by the electric resistance weldingprocess, making it a cost-effective product for many mechanical applications. Mechanical Tubing is produced in Round, Square and Rectangle shapes. Can also be referred to as Hollow Structural Steel Tubing (HSST).

DOM (Drawn-over-mandrel) Tubing is a cold drawn electric resistance welded tube with all flashremoved. Cold drawing over a mandrel makes DOM a uniform and precision product which is preferred over seamles tubing for its excellent OD & ID concentricity.

Carbon Steel Pipe is different from tubing due to the way it is measured. Pipe is measure by the ID (tubing is measured by the OD) and the schedule(sched. 10, sched 40, sched. 80) will indicate the wall thickness size keeping the ID uniform (higher the schedule the thicker the wall). Only available as a Round product, BUT also availble in Galvanized.

Bar Shapes (Angle Iron, Channel and Beam) are classified bar size shape when its largest dimension (excluding length) is less that 3" and classified a structural shape when at least one of its dimensions (length excluded) is greater than 3". Shapes are esily welded by all welding processes and can be used for general structural purposes. Shapes are a Hot Rolled Product.

Angle Iron: Shaped similar to the letter "L" and are available either with equal or unequal flanges (legs)

Channels: Shaped similar to the letter "C" and are described by both height (depth) and weight. For example a C3 x 4.1 describes a channel with a 3" height and weighs 4.1 lbs. per foot. Standardized C channels are produced with a 16.6% slope on the inside flange.

Beams: Shaped similiar to the letter "I" and as in Channels, beams are described by both height (depth) and weight per foot. There are both S (Standard) and W (wide flange) Beams. For example a  S4 x 7.7 describes a standard channel with a height of 4" and weighs 7.7 lbs. per foot. Wide Flange beams are simply a beam with wider (longer) flanges.

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