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660 Bronze

Also known as C93200, has excellent machinability, good hardness, strength and wear resistants and offers excellent antifriction qualities. Referred to as Bearing Bronze, it is one of the most widely used alloys on the bronze range. As its name implies, it is commonly used in bearing and bushing applications, but also as wear plate. Availble only in Round Bar.

Aluminium Bronze (C95400)

A type of Bronze where as Aluminium is the main Alloying metal, in contrast to standard Bronze which is copper with tin. Most valued for higher strength and corrosion resistance compare to other Bronze Alloys, Aluminum Bronze is tarnish-resistant and show low rates of corrosion in atmospheric conditions. Aluminum Bronze tends to have a golden colour. Available as Round Bar, Flats and Plate

The superior grade of Aluminum Bronze is AMPCO®. Which are patented alloys, such as AMPCO® 18, AMPCO® 21 and AMPCO® 25. Each displaying differing levels of outstanding mechanical properties, such as hardness, high strength, exceptional wear and fatigue resistance and excellent anti-friction qualities. Available in Round Bar, Flat and Plate

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