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  1. Do I have to order large quantities before Maintenance Metals will process my order?

    NO! At Maintenance Metals & Alloys Inc., there is "no minimum order" required. We cut to size, meaning you only have to order what you need.

  2. Can I have this delivered TODAY!?

    YES! At Maintenance Metals, we try our very best to deliver your order when You need it, if we have the item in stock and You required it "yesterday" it will be delivered!

  3. What is the difference between Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel?

    In general, the type of steel or metal is the same, it is all about the type of surface desired. Hot Rolled material usually has a rougher, scaly finish with imperfections through out. Where as Cold Rolled material will have a nice clean, smooth surface, usually tighter tolerance on size and nice sharp corners if we are referring to flat bar. Cold Rolled material is more expensive than Hot Rolled material.

  4. What is the difference between Pipe and Tubing?

    Pipe is usually measured by the I.D. (inside diameter), and tubing is measured by the O.D. (outside diameter). Pipe is pressure tested, and is designated with a "schedule" size (example Shedule 40) for wall thickness - the larger the "schedule" the thicker the wall, the I.D will remain constant.

  5. What is Precision Ground Shafting (PGS)?

    Made from medium carbon steel - 1045 - PGS is round bar with very tight tolerances on the diameter - usually + 0.000" and - 0.001" tolerance.  Applications usually include bearing support, machine keyways or where ever a tight fit is required.

  6. Does Maintenance Metals & Alloys Inc. supply titanium?

    YES! We are a One Stop Shop for all metal needs! Our other name is The Metal Depot, because we have such a large and diverse inventory, but if we do not have it on our shelf, we know where to source it. We are experts at sourcing hard to find metals.

  7. How do I request a quote?

    Right here from our website's "get a quote" section.  If by chance it is not working, simply call, fax or email and your RFQ will be answered promptly.

  8. What if my requirement calls for sizes that are not available as a standard flat bar?

    Maintenance Metals & Alloys Inc. has on premise Flame Cutting - which means we can virtually cut out of plate any size your requirement calls for, and if a better finish than hot rolled is needed - we simply Blanchard Grind the material by cleaning up both sides to remove the rough hot rolled finish, providing a clean, flat component.

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