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24/7 Emergency Hotline: We understand today's industry - it is basically a 24 hour a day operation - there may be times metal is needed (breakdowns) outside of our normal operating hours - simply call 647 838 2449 - and Maintenance Metals & Alloys Inc. will be there!

Sheet Metal Shearing: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum sheet can be sheared to size - upto 1/4" thick and 10 feet in length.

Break Forming: Odd Angles sizes or channels that are not readily available, can be "formed" from sheet metal by Press Break Machines. Other more complex shapes, or trays can also be created. 

Machining: Use of multi-head CNC machines, or Turning Lathes can turn rough stock into finished compontents, meeting most tight tolerant specifications. 

Laser/Waterjet/Plasma Cutting: When tight tolerance, or thin material profiles are needed let our experienced sales staff provide assistance and help You get it done.

Need assistance with something not listed? We are The Metal Depot - if the project involves any type of metal - We can help!

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