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Hot Rolled Sheets are produced from low carbon steel and can be used for a wide variety of applications, including simple bending or moderate drawing and welding. Hot Rolled Sheets are the most commonly available and Pickled and Oiled sheets should be used when the scale present on Hot Rolled Sheets is objectionable. For a complete list of thicknesses, sizes and a Quote click here

Expanded Metal is sheet metal that has been slit and expanded, forming a diamond shape pattern offering the advantage of savings in weight and metal, but still offers strength and rigidity, as well as a skid-resistant surface. Available both as "Flat" and "Raised" strands, Expanded Metal is measured by: Gauge (thicknes), short way of opening (SWO) and long way of opening (LWO). For a complete list of gauges, sizes and a Quote click here.

Wire Mesh similar to Expanded Metal, however the holes are square in shape. Welded wire mesh is a  prefabricated product, welded grid, consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at the desired spacing. It can be supplied as welded or woven

Hot Rolled Checker Plate, also know as Diamond Plate, Tread Plate or Floor plate is metal sheet/plate with a regular pattern of raised "diamonds"or Lugs on one side with the reverse side being featureless. The extra texture provides good skid resistance, therefore application include running boards or stair treads, floors, walkways, platforms or simply decoratively for many other applications. For a complete list of thickness, sizes and a Quote click here

Also available:

Open Steel Bar Grating wildley used for walkways, trench covering or flooring avoiding the collection of water, dirt or coolant. Bar Grating is available in many different widths, lengths and configurations, painted or bare, serrated or plain - please call or email for detailed information.

Diamond or Safety Grip is a "plank style" grating with slip resistant open patterns of either round "buttons" (Safety Grip) or diamond shape. Its serrated surface and load supporting characterics provide not only slip resistantce in any direction, but are a good choice where light weight and strength are needed. Available in different gauges and widths, please call or email for more information.

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